YES to Lansdowne Live

The Great Stadium Debate

Haven't we learned our lesson? The Scotiabank Place is already located in the middle of nowhere forcing the majority of ticket holders to grumble obscenities every time they have to drive all the way out there.

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The empty seats in recent games are another indicator of what our Sens fans think about the hike out there. When the Sens aren't doing great, people stop going. A drive from the east end of town to Scotiabank Place on a clear day can take over an hour and a half,  and it can take 40 minutes or more just to get out of the parking lot.  Fans show up bitter and they leave feeling bitter - not a good experience. No restaurants or pubs to walk to - game over, the end.

What they're not selling to fans is the positive experience of going out to a hockey game. All we've got is what's on the ice, and when that's lacking, the fans stop coming. You don't have to look any further than the Toronto Maple Leafs to see an example of 'selling the experience'  - here's a team that is consistently underperforming, and yet consistently sold out Location, Location, Location. 

The notion of putting another professional sports franchise in Kanata is absolutely ridiculous.

We've already made one mistake, let's not make another.

Notable Comments

Ottawa needs a professional football team and a pro soccer team at Lansdowne. The whole Lansdowne site should be intensified [...]  We should bring the Ottawa Senators hockey team downtown. Knowing that NHL arenas typically "last" about 20 to 30 years, we need to start thinking now of possible sites and talking to the Senators ownership about this.

Alain Miguelez, city planning

Having Lansdowne Park refurbished would be a great asset to Ottawa. It is is central, making it a lot more versatile to the Ottawa-Gatineau area clientele!  Also, tourists could easily visit the site at a much lower cost than Kanata. The core needs a face lift, and it would benefit our local area businesses.

Chris R.

Ottawa should have a stadium at Lansdowne Park, which is centrally located and can be enjoyed by ALL of the citizens of the city not just the people from Kanata. I personally want a return of CFL football to Ottawa and a revitalised Lansdowne Park. The City has neglected and mismanaged this site for so many years. So many concerts should have been booked at the facility both indoors and out. The City should be ashamed and embarrassed.

Stewart N., Orleans

Greenberg, the man behind Lansdowne is born and raised in Ottawa. He understands how this city functions. Melnyk on the other hand is some rich guy from Toronto, and he obviously doesn't understand this city if he's even considering another sports team in Kanata.


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