FPHRC – The Voice of the Food Processing Industry

Established in 2009 as a council for Canadian food processors, the main purpose of the Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC) is to offer national leadership within the food processing industry. FPHRC provides a channel where all processors and their workers can address human resource issues.

  • The FPHRC engages the food industry’s representatives by developing insight into four core aspects of their initiative. These four aspects include:
  • Communication - The FPHRC recognizes that in order for the food processing industry to advance there must be a means to exchange ideas. The FPHRC assists in doing just that by informing stakeholders of recent developments.

  • Market Knowledge – The FPHRC gathers labor market information that helps to provide insight into the demographic and landscape of the food processing Sector.

  • Skills Development and Training – By providing a means of upgrading skills and training to meet the needs of the food processing industry, the FPHRC hopes to develop skill standards on a national level.

  • Attraction and Retention of Workers - The FPHRC helps to find solutions for the growing demands and shortages of workers in several key areas within Canada.

The FPHRC is a non-profit, industry driven organization that is focused on providing the very best solutions that address the food processing sector’s current human resource issues. If you’re someone who is interested in working in this dynamic, sustainable and attractive industry; The FPHRC will assist you in achieving this goal.

For more information about the FPHRC initiative please feel free to contact:

Food Processing Human Resources Council



804 – 130 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5G4

Phone: 613-237-7988      
Toll Free: 1-877-96FPHRC (963-7472) 
Fax: 613-237-9939

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