Industrial Air Pollution Solutions – Diversi-Tech Downdraft Tables

Anyone who does industrial or manufacturing work knows the importance of downdraft tables. Not only are they vital for a healthy and safe work environment, they also minimize costs that are associated with exhausts and energy loss.

Since their incorporation in 1984, the goal of Diversi-tech has been to offer the best in air pollution control solutions. Their broad range of downdraft tables has proven to provide optimal solutions for all areas: metal, wood, composite, pharmaceuticals, oil and coolant mist, spray paint, odor and fume control.

Over the years, Diversi-tech has been designing, supplying and installing their unique products and customized filtration systems to a multitude of different industries from aerospace to automotive; manufacturing to film studios.

Consistent dedication to improving the quality of their products has led Diversi-tech to develop such products as the Fred and Fred family as well as the DD line.  More recently with the induction of their Green Filter Cleaning Machine, Diversi-tech strives to provide their clientele with viable green air filter cleaning solutions. These solutions not only offer a means of cutting costs, but also provide a solution that prolongs filter life, eliminates the messy job of cleaning filters, and ensure that dust collectors operate at peak performance.

For more information about any of the air pollution solutions or if you’re interested in a free demonstration, feel free to contact Diversi-tech Inc.

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