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SPOTLIGHT Q & A with Ben Welland of Sadie Hell Ottawafocus chats with  Ben Welland, the creative mastermind behind Ottawa indie-rock powerhouse Sadie Hell.  Ben shares his thoughts about his ever-changing sound, his successful debut record and his future plans for the musical project that defies boundaries... [+] read more

Lansdowne Featured City Issue:  Yes To Lansdowne Live The proposal to rejuvenate Lansdowne Park has been the subject of endless debate in recent months.  The proposed multi-million-dollar revamp of Frank Clair Stadium into a complex that could accommodate sports on a large scale - including a CFL franchise and a pro soccer team...  [+] read more  

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Can you afford more expensive ice time?
Make Ice Rink Rentals Exempt from the new HST
Petition to keep ice rink rentals safe from HST
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Ottawa's New Stadium?
Yes to Lansdowne

Petition to locate the new stadium at Lansdowne.
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